Our story begins in 1985, when at 25 years old, Mrs. Maria Nilde had a beautiful baby named Taciana. With many manual skills, the new mother looked at her daughter and saw inspiration in her to make beautiful bows, tiaras and bands that  would be used by her little one. 

Life was not the easiest at the time and, out of necessity, this inspired mom saw the opportunity to start selling the accessories, that she made with so much love to her little girl to the merchants of the city of Surubim, located in the interior of Pernambuco. Slowly these products were being marketed in other markets such as Recife, Caruaru, Toritama, Santa Cruz do Capibaribe and from there they won the entire Northeast.

For years, Taci Baby has made its productivity in the handmade confection of accessories for babies, was when in 2011 the young Taciana entered in the business and started to produce dresses, sets, body, and a new line of products. 

The industrialization of baby dresses that served the princesses from 0 to 1 year prospered, encouraging the family to perfect more and more and innovate the creation of different models. The business went well and today there are over 100 different pieces of children’s clothing, wearing until the age of 3 years, which are sold throughout all the national territory. 

The growing demand of products and professional maturity through established processes in addition to continuous investments and the acquisition of new technologies and solutions are constant, however, Taci’s largest investment is human capital. Besides the whole family involved in the management of companies, employees and business partners are key players in the composition of business units (accessories and clothing). 

At Taci the creations are crafted with so much love as if they were made for a member of this family who saw in need the opportunity to grow and thrive. The perfect fit of your modeling and comfort coupled with the unique prints of your 100% cotton flat fabric collections are distinctive of the brand that aims to dress child as a child and provide a unique experience for your princesses.